The Wise Monkey and the Foolish Crocodile

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Once upon a time, in a lush jungle, there lived a wise monkey named Max and a foolish crocodile named Clyde. They were neighbors, and despite their differences, they were good friends.

One hot day, Clyde was resting by the riverbank when he saw Max eating some juicy mangoes from a nearby tree. The sweet aroma of the mangoes tempted Clyde, and he thought, “Oh, how I wish I could taste those delicious mangoes!”

Clyde swam up to Max and said, “Hello, Max! Those mangoes look so tasty. I heard they’re even sweeter if they ripen on the tree for a few days. Would you be so kind as to give me one?”

Max, being wise, knew that crocodiles lived in water and could easily deceive him. So, he replied cleverly, “Dear Clyde, I would love to share these mangoes with you, but I live high up in the trees, and it’s not safe for me to come down.”

Clyde felt disappointed but didn’t give up on his plan to taste the mangoes. He thought for a moment and then said, “Max, my friend, I have an idea! If you could put some mangoes in a basket, I could swim with it to a safe place where you can climb down to give me the mangoes.”

Max was cautious but liked Clyde’s suggestion. He carefully placed some unripe mangoes in a basket and handed it to Clyde, warning him not to peek inside.

As Clyde swam away with the basket, he couldn’t contain his curiosity. “I wonder if Max is tricking me? Let me take a quick look,” he thought.

To his dismay, Clyde saw the unripe mangoes and felt furious. “Max has played a trick on me! I’ll teach him a lesson,” Clyde muttered, and he decided to return to Max empty-handed.

When Clyde reached the shore, he acted as if nothing had happened. “Sorry, Max, but I couldn’t find a safe spot to keep the basket. Maybe some other time,” he said with a fake smile.

Max smiled back and said, “That’s alright, Clyde. Safety first! Let’s enjoy the mangoes another way. How about we both sit on the riverbank, and I’ll feed you the mangoes from here?”

Clyde felt guilty and realized that his greed had led him astray. He regretted trying to deceive his wise friend.

From that day on, Clyde learned to appreciate the friendship more than the mangoes. He and Max shared many joyful moments together, and their friendship grew stronger.

Dear friends, the story of Max and Clyde reminds us that honesty and trust are essential in any friendship.

Let’s be like Max, using our wisdom to protect ourselves and our friends, and like Clyde, let’s learn from our mistakes and become better friends


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