The Talkative Tortoise

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The Talkative Tortoise

In a green and serene pond, there lived a talkative tortoise named Tommy. He loved chatting with everyone, be it the fish, the frogs, or the birds. Tommy was a cheerful soul, and he always had a story or two to share.

One day, while strolling by the pond, Tommy overheard two geese, Garry and Ginny, discussing their dream to visit a beautiful island far away. The island was said to be abundant with delicious fruits and cool shade.

Excited about their adventure, Garry and Ginny asked Tommy if he would like to join them. “Oh, I’d love to join you two on this fantastic journey! It sounds like a lot of fun,” Tommy replied enthusiastically.

The only problem was that tortoises couldn’t fly like geese, and the island was quite far away. But Tommy, not willing to give up, had a clever idea.

“Garry and Ginny, I have a plan! You both can hold a strong stick in your beaks, and I’ll grab onto it with my mouth. Then you can fly, and I’ll come along with you,” Tommy suggested with a grin.

Garry and Ginny found the idea amusing and agreed to help their friend. They found a sturdy stick and held it tightly in their beaks. Tommy clung to the stick with his mouth, and the geese flapped their wings, ready for takeoff.

As they soared into the sky, Tommy felt exhilarated. “This is amazing! I’m flying! I’m flying!” he exclaimed happily. The other animals on the ground watched in awe as the geese and the talkative tortoise flew gracefully.

However, as they flew higher, the wind began to blow stronger. Tommy, who couldn’t resist talking, started to chatter excitedly.

“Wow, the view from up here is fantastic! Look at the tiny houses and the sparkling water! Oh, and do you know what happened yesterday with Mrs. Squirrel?” Tommy blabbered on and on.

Garry and Ginny tried to focus on flying, but Tommy’s constant chatter was making it difficult for them to keep their balance. “Tommy, please be quiet! We need to concentrate on flying safely,” Garry urged.

But Tommy was too excited to stay silent. His words were like a gust of wind in Garry and Ginny’s ears. They began to lose control, and the stick slipped from their beaks.

“Whoa!” cried the geese as they struggled to steady themselves.

The stock tumbled down to the ground, and Tommy was left clinging to it. He landed with a gentle plop into a soft haystack below.

“Well, that was quite an adventure!” Tommy chuckled as he climbed out of the haystack, unhurt but wiser.

Garry and Ginny flew down to join their friend. “Tommy, we told you to be quiet and not distract us while flying,” Ginny said, slightly frustrated.

Tommy nodded apologetically. “You are right, Garry and Ginny. I got carried away with excitement. I’ll remember to stay calm and quiet on our next adventure,” he promised.

From that day on, whenever Garry and Ginny flew, Tommy remembered to enjoy the journey in silence. He had learned that sometimes, being quiet was just as important as being talkative.

Dear friends, the story of the talkative tortoise and the geese teaches us the value of listening and being mindful of others.

Let’s be like Tommy, knowing when to speak and when to be silent, and like Garry and Ginny, let’s help our friends stay safe on their journeys.


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