The Talkative Tortoise and the Clever Geese

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In a serene pond, there lived a wise and friendly tortoise named Toby. He loved to talk and share stories with everyone he met. One day, while chatting with the pond creatures, Toby overheard a group of geese planning to migrate to a warmer place.

Curious and excited, Toby approached the geese and said, “Oh, dear geese! I heard about your migration plan. How thrilling! Can I join you on this exciting journey?”

The geese looked at Toby, puzzled. “But, Toby, you cannot fly like us. How will you manage to travel with us?” one of the geese asked.

Toby smiled confidently and replied, “You are right; I cannot fly. However, I have an idea. How about we tie a strong stick to each of your wings and hold the other end in my mouth? As you fly, I’ll hold on to the stick, and you can carry me along.”

The geese found Toby’s idea amusing and decided to give it a try. They thought it would be a fun and unique way to have Toby join them.

As the migration day arrived, the geese flapped their wings, and Toby held tightly to the sticks in his mouth. The plan worked! Toby was flying with the geese high up in the sky.

From above, Toby could see the beautiful landscapes, mountains, and rivers. He felt exhilarated, enjoying the breathtaking view.

However, as they flew, some people on the ground saw the unusual sight of a tortoise flying with geese. They were astonished and started cheering and clapping at the incredible sight.

Amidst the loud applause, Toby got carried away and opened his mouth to say, “Thank you, everyone! This is an amazing experience!”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he lost his grip on the sticks, and with a loud “SPLASH,” he fell into the pond below.

The geese quickly returned and landed near Toby, concerned for their friend. “Toby, are you alright?” they asked worriedly.

Toby chuckled and said, “Oh, my friends, I’m fine. That was just a small mishap. I got carried away by the excitement.”

The geese laughed with relief. “Toby, you are a brave and adventurous tortoise. We admire your spirit, but it’s best for you to travel in your own way,” they said affectionately.

Toby agreed with the geese and thanked them for their kindness. From that day on, he continued to share stories and make friends in the pond, leaving the flying to the geese.

The moral of the story, dear friends, is to embrace our unique abilities and not try to be something we are not.

Let’s be like Toby, confident in our strengths, and like the geese, appreciative of each other’s differences. Together, we can enjoy life’s adventures and make lasting memories.


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