The Talkative Parrot and the Wise Farmer

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Once upon a time, in a beautiful village, there lived a chatty parrot named Polly. She loved to talk and sing all day long. People from far and wide came to hear her melodious voice and entertaining stories.

One day, a wise farmer named Mr. Smith heard about Polly’s gift of gab and decided to bring her home. “Oh, she will be the perfect companion and entertainment for my family,” he thought with excitement.

As soon as Polly arrived at the farmer’s house, she started chattering away. She spoke about the weather, and the crops, and even imitated the sounds of other animals. Everyone was amazed by her talent, and Polly loved being the center of attention.

However, as days passed, the farmer noticed a problem. Polly’s constant talking was starting to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the house.

She would chatter during mealtimes, while the family tried to rest, and even early in the morning when everyone was still asleep.

Mr. Smith began to worry that Polly’s excessive talking might lead to trouble. So, he decided to seek advice from a wise old owl named Oliver, who was known for his wisdom.

“Dear Oliver,” said Mr. Smith, “I brought Polly home because she is a great entertainer. But her non-stop talking is becoming a bit overwhelming. What should I do?”

The wise owl pondered for a moment and then smiled. “Ah, I see the issue, Mr. Smith. Polly is indeed talented, but she needs to understand the importance of balance. Let me speak to her.”

Oliver flew over to Polly’s perch and gently advised her, “My dear Polly, you have a wonderful gift of speech, but remember that too much of anything is not good.

People appreciate your stories and songs, but they also need moments of quiet and peace. Try to listen more and talk when it truly matters.”

Polly felt a little embarrassed but appreciated the owl’s advice. From that day on, she became more mindful of her talking. She learned to cherish moments of silence and allowed the family to have their peaceful times.

Now, when the family gathered around, Polly would share her stories and songs, but she also listened to their stories and experiences. The farmer’s family enjoyed Polly’s company even more because she had become a better conversationalist.

As time went by, Polly and the farmer’s family formed a strong bond. They valued Polly not just for her entertaining skills but also for her ability to be a good listener and a caring friend.

Dear friends, the story of Polly and the wise farmer reminds us to strike a balance in our conversations.

Let’s be good listeners and respect others’ need for quiet moments. Like Polly, let’s use our words wisely and be mindful of the impact they have on those around us.


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