The Social Media Hen

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Once upon a time, in the virtual world of social media, there lived a hen named Hannah. She loved to share her thoughts, pictures, and experiences with her online friends.

One day, as Hannah was scrolling through her news feed, she noticed a shiny new gadget called the “Egg-laying App.” The app promised to help hens lay more eggs and gain popularity among their peers. Intrigued, Hannah downloaded the app without hesitation.

The Egg-laying App was filled with features that allowed hens to showcase their egg-laying prowess. Hannah became obsessed with increasing her egg production and gaining more followers. She spent countless hours documenting her egg-laying achievements and posting them on her profile.

However, in her quest for virtual popularity, Hannah started neglecting her actual egg-laying duties. She spent more time posing for pictures than focusing on laying healthy eggs. The other hens in the henhouse began to notice and grew concerned.

One wise old hen named Olivia approached Hannah and said, “Hannah, while social media can be fun, it’s important not to let it distract us from our real responsibilities. Our purpose is to lay eggs, nourish others, and contribute to our community.”

Hannah caught up in the allure of virtual fame, dismissed Olivia’s advice. She believed that the more attention she received online, the more successful she would become.

However, as time went on, Hannah’s egg-laying productivity declined. The eggs she did lay were small and lacked the nutrients they once had. Hannah’s online followers began to lose interest, as they realized her focus had shifted away from her true purpose.

Feeling isolated and disappointed, Hannah turned to Olivia for guidance. Olivia reminded her of the importance of balance and focus.

Hannah, having learned her lesson, decided to make a change. She deleted the Egg-laying App and redirected her attention to laying healthy eggs and contributing to her henhouse community.

With renewed dedication, Hannah worked diligently, providing nutritious eggs for her fellow hens and caring for the young chicks. She no longer sought virtual fame but found fulfillment in fulfilling her responsibilities.

Over time, Hannah regained the trust and respect of her peers. The other hens admired her commitment to the henhouse and the quality of her eggs.

Together, Hannah and Olivia taught the other hens the importance of prioritizing real-life responsibilities over virtual pursuits. They encouraged them to use social media wisely, as a tool for connection and sharing, rather than a distraction from their true purpose.

And so, Hannah continued to lay healthy eggs, contributing to her community, and occasionally sharing her experiences online with a newfound balance between the virtual world and her real-life duties.


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