The Clever Mouse and the Mighty Lion

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Once upon a time, in a dense forest, there lived a clever little mouse named Max. He was small but had a big brain and a brave heart. One day, while exploring, he stumbled upon a mighty lion named Leo, fast asleep under a shady tree.

Max froze in fear! “Oh, no! If Leo wakes up, he might eat me for lunch!” thought Max, trembling with worry.

But instead of running away, Max decided to use his wit. He tip-toed closer to the lion and whispered softly, “Hey, Leo! Wake up! There’s a big feast happening in the jungle, and all the animals are invited!”

Leo, still half asleep, mumbled, “A feast, you say? That sounds tempting!”

“Yes, it’s a grand celebration,” Max continued. “But you must come quietly, or the other animals might get scared and run away.”

Intrigued, Leo agreed to follow Max silently. As they walked through the forest, Max pointed to some bushes and said, “The feast is just behind those bushes. Go ahead, Your Majesty!”

Leo, excited and hungry, lunged into the bushes, only to find… nothing! Instead, he got tangled in a net cleverly set up by the other animals.

Max had tricked the mighty lion into the trap!

Feeling embarrassed and furious, Leo roared loudly, “How dare you deceive me, little mouse!”

But Max didn’t lose his cool. “Oh, mighty Leo, please don’t be angry,” he said calmly. “I did this to teach you a lesson. Using brute force is not always the solution. You must use your strength wisely and respect others in the jungle.”

Leo realized his mistake and calmed down. He said, “You are right, Max. I should have been wiser.”

Just then, the other animals, who had been hiding nearby, came out and surrounded the lion. But instead of attacking him, they forgave Leo and thanked Max for his cleverness.

From that day on, Leo changed his ways. He became a wise and just king, protecting all the animals in the forest and treating them with kindness.

And Max, the clever mouse, became a hero among the animals. They admired him for his quick thinking and brave heart.

So, dear friends, remember that size and strength don’t matter as much as wit and kindness. Be like Max, the clever mouse, and use your brains to overcome challenges. And be like Leo, the mighty lion, and learn from your mistakes to become a better version of yourself.


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